Sri Subramaniaswami Temple – Madurai

Sri Subramaniaswami Temple – Madurai

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Moolaver: Subramaniaswami

City Location: Puthur, Usilampatti

Temple History:
The king of the region was not able to control the atrocities of a powerful robber Nagasura who was harassing the people then.  The king appealed to Lord Muruga to come to his rescue to protect the people.  When the robber was looting the people, Lord came before him as a youth and demanded him to seek the pardon of the people for his wrong doings.  It may be recalled from our scriptures that Lord Muruga did not destroy enemies immediately and gave them a chance to correct themselves.

He did not destroy Surapanma too but changed him as a peacock for His vehicle and cock to play on His flag.  Lord, here too warned the robber first.  He was not able to bear the warning and took it as a humiliation meted out to him and began to attack the Lord but only met with his end.   People took the youth to the king but he disappeared on the way.

The king understood that the youth was no less a person than Lord Muruga Himself whom he was always praying.  As the Lord appeared as a youth, the place was called Kumara Koil (temple of youth).  As there were more ant-hills-puttru in Tamil, it also came to be known as Puthur.

Temple’s Speciality:
Lord Muruga graces in this temple with a sword in the hip, foot wears and an anklet worn by war heroes, a rare form of Muruga delighting His devotees. The temple has also a Shivalinga having in It all the features of Three Murthis, Sthanu (Shiva), Maal (Vishnu) and Ayan (Brahamma) collectively known as Thanu Maal Ayan. The Bana part (Linga) alone is there without the Stage called the Avudayar or Peeta.

Thaipoosam in January-February,Vaikasi Visakam in Fabruary-March, Tirukarthikai in November-December and Panguni Uthiram in March-April are the festivals celebrated in the temple.

Prayers and Poojas:
Those habitually lack courage in nature and mentally confused pray to Lord in the temple.
Devotees perform abishek to Lord Muruga with milk and offer vastras.

Temple Opening Time:
The temple is opened from 6.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.

Temple Travel Guide:
Usilampatti is 36 km from Madurai. Devotees should get down at the Vilampatti bus stop running between Usilampatti and Vepanuthu. The temple is near the bus stop.

Temple Address:
Sri Subramaniaswami Temple, Usilampatti, Madurai.
Phone No: +91 – 4552 – 251 428, 98421 51428.

Madurai Accomodation:
♦ Pandian Hotel: +91-452-435 6789
♦ Hotel Sangam: +91-452-253 7531, 424 4555
♦ Hotel Tamilnadu: +91-452 253 7461 (5 lines)
♦ Hotel Supreme: +91-452-234 3151,301 2222
♦ Hotel Premnivas: +91-452- 234 2532-3. 437 8787
♦ Hotel Park Plaza: +91-452-301 1111, 234 2112
♦ Hotel Northgate: +91-452-438 3030 (4 lines, 252 3030 (4 lines)
♦ Hotel Keerthi: +91-437 7788, 437 8899
♦ Hotel Golden Park: +91-452 235 0863
♦ Hotel Ratna Residency: +91-452 437 0441-2, 437 4444

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