Sri Muthukumaraswamy Temple – Cuddalore

Sri Muthukumaraswamy Temple – Cuddalore

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Moolaver: Muthukumarar

Urchavar: Muthukumarar

City Location: Parankippettai

Temple History:
Namuchi, a demon had received a boon that he would not be extinguished by any kind of powerful weapon.  Hence, with arrogance he was illtreating the devas.  Indra battled with him and was defeated.  He prayed to Lord Siva seeking help.  The Lord asked him to collect the foam of the sea here and throw it at him.  According to the boon, the demon would not be destroyed only with the weapons.

The sea-foam could not be considered as a weapon and so the Lord conceived this trick to kill the demon.  Indra, accordingly, threw the sea-foam on the demon and he was annihilated.  The happy Indra instituted a ‘sivalinga’ here and worshipped.  The Linga came to be known as ‘Viswanathar’, also called ‘Indra Lingam’.  In course of time, opposite to the sanctum of his retinue-god (parivaara moorthy) Muthukumara Swamy,  were erected gopuram and flag-post and he became famous.  The temple is also called by his name.

Temple’s Speciality:
During the festival time Lord Muruga, apart from his designated carriers such as goat and peacock, comes in procession on Rishaba vaahanam and Iraavatham, the white elephant of the divine world. It is said that the Lord takes his procession on Iraavatham acknowledging the worship of Lord Indra who received benediction from this place. Itumban, who was graced by Muruga is also here as a carrier. The Lord seated on him also goes in procession.

Navarathiri, Kandasashti, Annabishekam, Thirukkaarthigai, Thaippoosam, Sivarathiri, Panguni Uthiram. During the Kandasashti and Thaippoosam festivals the divine weddings of Deivanai and Valli are performed respectively. On the Thaippoosam and Maasi Maham days Lord Muruga goes to Swetha River and Bay of Bengal respectively and has ‘Theerthavaari’ (Holy Bath).

Prayers and Poojas:
Devotees who face hurdles in getting married due to ‘Naaga Dosham’ and ‘Kalathra Dosham’ worship the Naagar here.  People, to retrieve the wealth lost and to gain the lost job or demotion in service for known or unknown reasons worship Lord Siva here.
Devotees offer red cloth and maangalyam (thaali) to Naagar. To Lord Siva they offer clothes and also tamarind rice or pongal, and to Visalakshi Ambigai they offer vadai and sweet rice, chant Lalitha Sahasranamam and worship.

Temple Opening Time:
The temple is open in the morning from 8.00 till noon and in the evening from 5’0 clock till 8.00 pm.

Temple Travel Guide:
Parankippettai is at a distance of 22 kms from Chidambaram. The temple is near the bus-stand.

Temple Address:
The Administrative Officer, Arulmigu Muthukumaraswamy Tirukkoil, Parankippettai –608 507, Cuddalore District.
Phone No: +91 84184 11058, 98940 48206

Chidambaram Accomodation:
♦ Hotel Sarada Ram   :    Ph: +91 – 4144 – 221 336.
♦ Hotel Akshaya        :    Ph:  +91 – 4144 – 220 191, 92.
♦ Hotel Darshan         :    Ph: +91 – 4144 – 220 194.
♦ Ritz Hotel                :    Ph: +91 – 4144 – 223 313.
♦ RK Residency         :     Ph: +91 – 4144 – 221 077.
♦ Hotel Sabhanayagam   :   Ph: +91 – 4144 – 220896.

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