Sri Balasubramaniar Temple – Karur

Sri Balasubramaniar Temple – Karur

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Moolaver: Balasubramaniar

City Location: Vennaimalai

Temple History:
Lord Brahmma became proud of his profession of creating the world and the beings. Lord Shiva wanted to teach a lesson to him. At a stage, Brahmma could not continue his creation job. He realized his folly and begged Shiva’s pardon. He was advised by Lord Shiva to perform penance in Vanjivanam. Meantime, the creation job was entrusted to the divine cow Kamadenu.

Kamadenu created a hill of butter and also a spring with sweet water to protect all the beings from thirst and hunger. This is why, even today, the rocks of the hill is very pleasantly cool even during hot summer. Standing in the very place blesses the person with wisdom and liberation from evils. Lord Balasubramania is all graceful in the temple.

Temple’s Speciality:
Only Thanjavur Brahdeeswarar temple, Karur Pasupatheeswarar temple and Vennaimalai Murugan temple has a shrine for celebrated Karuvurar Siddhar.

Kruthika star day in the month of Karthikai (November-December), all Mondays, Thai Poosam in January-February, Panguni Uthiram in March-April are observed as festival days in the temple.

Prayers and Poojas:
Those having a dip in the holy spring at the foot of the hills created by the divine cow Kamadenu for five days continuously and worship Lord Balasubramaniar are blessed with children and also are relieved of the adverse aspects on them.
Devotees perform abishek and offer vastras – clothes to the Lord.

Temple Opening Time:
The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Temple Travel Guide:
The temple is situated at a distance of 5 km on the way to P. Velur from Karur via Vengamedu.

Temple Address:
Sri Balasubramaniar Temple, Vennaimalai, Karur district.

Trichy Accomodation:
♦ Sharada; +91-431-246 0216
♦ Breez Residency; +91-431-241 4414
♦ Hotel Vignesh; +91-431-241 4991-4
♦ Hotel Annamalai; +91-431 241 2881-4
♦ Hotel Mega; +91-431-241 4092, 241 6353

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