Sri Balasubrahmanyar Temple – Thiruvallur

Sri Balasubrahmanyar Temple – Thiruvallur

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Moolaver: Balasubrahmanyar

City Location: Siruvapuri, Chinnampedu

Temple History:
After the ‘Pattabhishekam’ Lord Rama sent away his pregnant wife Sita because of the people’s abuse. Lava and Kusa were born there. Lord Rama then performed ‘Aswamedha Yaagam’.  To perform a Yaagam without the wife is against the rules prescribed for conducting the Yaagam.  So, the Yaaga horse sent to different countries was imprisoned and tied up.  Since the horse did not return Lord Rama sent Lakshamana to release it.  Hence Lord Rama himself went in person and got released the horse.  This is the information of the Ramayana period.

This historical information can be got in the Thiruppugazh song that two small boys confronted Rama with bow and his retinue in this victorious place.  The history of this holy place says that both Lava and Kusa fought with Lord Rama and that place is Siruvapuri alias Chinnampedu.  Siruvar+ ambu+etu became Chinnampedu. ‘Pedu’ is the quiver.

Kai kotutha kai (Hand that gave hand):  Murugamaiyaar, a Muruga-devotee who lived in this sacred place was always in meditation of Lord Murugan.  Her husband who doubted her chastity, cut off her hand.  But she continued to be in meditation.  Lord Muruga appeared before her and graced her.  Her hand got attached and she regained her original physical self..

Prayers and Poojas:
Those who come to have darshan in this temple need not strain themselves by observing strict vows like fasting.  One need not come in person also.  The belief is that just by remembering Siruvapuri Murugan, a person gets what he desires, like a person  attaining Mukti just by thinking of Tiruvannamalai.  To worship here is good for those who wish to construct a new house.
Once their wishes are fulfilled, the devotees perform ‘milk abhishekam’ to Lord Muruga.

Temple Travel Guide:
By traveling 30 kms. from the the Koyampedu Bus Stand in the Gummidipundi, Kavarapettai buses, getting down at the Siruvapuri New road stop and going westward 3 kms. we can reach Siruvapuri.

Temple Address:
Arulmigu Balasubrahmanyswamy Tirukkoil, Siruvapuri, Chennai.
Phone No: +91- 94442 80595, 94441 71529

Chennai Accomodation:
♦ Taj Coromandel   :   +91-44-5500 2827
♦ Le Royal Meridian   :  +91-44- 2231  4343
♦ Chola Sheraton   :   +91-44-2811 0101
♦ The Park   :   +91-44-4214 4000
♦ Connemara   :   +91-44-5500 0000
♦ Rain Tree   :   +91-44-4225 2525
♦ Asoka   :   +91-44-2855 3413
♦ Guru   :   +91-44-2855 4060
♦ Kanchi   :   +91-44-2827 1100
♦ Sherimony   :   +91-44-2860 4401
♦ Abhiraami   :   +91-44-2819 4547
♦ Kings   :   +91-44-2819 1471

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