Sri Arulmigu Subrahmanya Swami Tirukkoil Temple – Thoothukudi

Sri Arulmigu Subrahmanya Swami Tirukkoil Temple – Thoothukudi

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Moolaver: Prime Deity : Subrahmanya Swami Utsavar (Procession Deity) : Shanmukar

Urchavar: Jeyanthinaathar, Kumaara Vitankar, Alaivaay Perumaal

City Location: Tiruchendur

Temple History:
Legend : The Devas made a complaint to Lord Siva to put an end to Soorapadman who was disturbing them. Accepting their plea, Lord Siva from His third eye created six fire-sparks. Lord Muruga was born from that. Later, obeying Lord Siva’s order, He came here to remove Soorapadman. At this time, Guru Bhagawan, the Preceptor of the Devas, was in tapasya in this place praying for the darshan of Lord Muruga, Who appeared before him and stayed here. Through Guru Bhagawan He also learnt the history of the asuras.

He sent as messenger His commander-in-chief, Veerabaahu to Soorapadman, but he refused to listen to Lord Muruga’s words. Later the Lord went with His battalion and killed him. Guru Bhagawan requested the Lord to remain in this place where he had the Lord’s darshan. At the behest of Guru, the Lord continued to be here. Guru Bhagawan soon after called Viswakarma, the divine Engineer and erected the temple. Lord Muruga was called ‘Jeyanthi Naathar’ since he routed Soorapadman. After a while, this name became ‘Senthil Naathar’. The place was also called ‘Tirujeyanthipuram’ (jeyanthi — victory) and in due course became ‘Tiruchendur’.

Temple’s Speciality:
Significance of the Place: Of the Aaarupatai Veetu of Lord Muruga, Tiruchendur alone is situated in the seashore; the other five are hill temples

Festivals: Pankuni Uthiram, Tirukkaarthikai, Vaikaasi Visaakam, Kanda Sashti. In the Murugan temples, the Kanda Sashti festival is celebrated for six days only. In some temples it is celebrated for seven days, with the divine wedding of Lord Muruga the next day to Sashti.

But, in Tiruchendur the festival is held for twelve days — the first six days of Kanda Sashti comprise Sashti Vrattam (the vow of Sashti) and Soora Samharam (the annihilation of the demon, Soora), on the seventh day it is the divine wedding of Lord Muruga and Deivaanai, and in the next five days, the Lord in His wedding gear appears and blesses in the ‘Unjal Sevai’ that is, sitting on the Swing.

Prayers and Poojas:
Prayer: Those who face impediments for their marriage, pray to this Lord; they are blessed with good wedlock.
Offering: We can conduct abishekam to the Lord and His Spouse and offer new clothes.

Temple Opening Time:
The temple is open from morning 5 o’ clock till 9.00 pm.

Temple Travel Guide:
Tiruchendur can be easily reached from any part of Tamilnadu

Temple Address:
Address: Arulmigu Subrahmanya Swami Tirukkoil, Tiruchendur, Tuticorin District.
Phone No: +91-4639 – 242 221

Lodging: Thiruchendur
♦ Mini Siva Murugan Lodge : Ph: +91 – 4639 – 242 633, 242 466, 243 199. Mobile: +91 – 98421 09255
♦ Siva Murugan Lodge : Ph: +91 – 4639 – 242 699, 242 799, 242 899, 246 168. Mobile: +91 – 98421 51455
♦ Sitaram Lodge : +91 – 4639 – 242 132, 245 222.
♦ Hotel Mani Iyer : Ph: +91 – 4639 – 242 109, 245 769, 246 342.
♦ Hotel Chitra Park : Ph: +91– 04639 – 243 766, 243 866. Mobile: +91– 94863 80900
♦ Murugan Temple Lodges, Cottages : Ph: +91 – 4639 – 242 271

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